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 If you are a man looking for a Filipina, you have come to the right place!

If you are a woman looking for a man, you have come to the right place!

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There is a land that I've nicked named Jeepneyland where beautiful women with long black hair, tan skin, and beautiful smiles roam. They are in the Philippines, looking for men to meet throughout the world. Women of the Philippines are like no other.

Do you have a dream of having a wonderful life with a partner that makes such a difference in a way even the whole world looks different? A life where your dreams can and do come true! It can happen here at Jeepneyland.

Jeepneyland is more than just a simple dating site. Jeepneyland is a place for you to meet that special someone that will change your whole life for the better. A place for you to really get to know someone on a deeper level. A place where Filipina's and men through out the world come together.

If your a man looking for a good woman  there is no woman more beautiful than a Filipina also known as a Pinay. The Philippines is a land where it is not uncommon where you'll still find virgin's in their 30's.  Filipina's are both beautiful and intelligent. She is a woman that is strong on the inside and humble on the outside. A woman where if you treat her right, she will gladly repay you in her own sweet ways. Affectionate, warm and loving.

One more thing I wanted to mention to you about Filipina's.  Age differences for most of them are not an issue.

What Jeepneyland has for you:





* Dating for Filipina's and Men through out the World: - A place for Filipina's (A woman that is either from or lives in the Philippines) and Single men to meet (free)

* How to get a Visa for your Filipina- Are you ready to bring your sweetie over to the USA and get married? Here is what you'll need to do...

* Tagalog Words-One of the main laungagues of Jeepney Land.

* American Slang- If your a pinay, you'll want to know some of the slang American's use.

* Philippine traditions men might not be aware of- Best to know ahead of time!

* Peso/American Dollar Calculator-* The Best Way To Send Money From The USA To The Philippines

* And much more!


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